European Academy

Holistic approach to Change-Making

We believe making a social change should be simple to start and yet – it is a lifelong journey of learning and making bigger impact one step at a time. 

With this attitude, we have shaped our Online Course into small, digestible steps, that can be consumed in several minutes and bring you another inspiration for making the world a better place.

The entire course is further split into 4 different modules and 7 skill areas, each ending with a Digital Badge confirming your skills. The total estimated time to complete all the videos and assignments shouldn’t take longer than 16 hours. 

ECMA is a course collecting knowledge from multiple experienced changemakers. Knowledge we wished we knew when we started.

Start a local or global change together with us!

Get to know the basic Change-Making skills...

Change-Making Basics

Learn the first steps in social work to know how to tackle the social issues that bother you in the most efficient way.

Coordinating a Social Project

Collect multiple tools and methods of Project Management to be able to run medium and large social projects on a bigger scale.


Learn how can you impact the top-down change in social problems that you work in. Find ways to impact local and Europeacn policies.

... and compliment it with Change-Making speciality topics



PR and Dissemination

Human Resources

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